Life is Not About Waiting for the Storm to Pass


This quote is from Vivian Greene and inspired a book by the title Learning to Dance in the Rain: The Power of Gratitude by Mac Anderson and G.J. Gallagher. 

Everyone faces adversity at one time or another.  Some people live in adversity.  In the movie Happy, it’s not the adversity, but how people react to it that determines the joy and happiness in their lives.

Mac Anderson says that “During tough times, do we spend too much time feeling sorry for ourselves, or can we, with gratitude, learn how to dance in the rain?

It almost sounds too simple to feel important, but one word—gratitude—can change your attitude and thus your life, forever. Sarah Ban Breathnach may have said it best: “When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that’s present… We experience heaven on earth.”