Increasing Your Well-Being / Happiness

According to science journals, 40% of our happiness if directly in our control. To get control of the other 60%, below are three ideas to create well-being in your life. Focusing on at least one per day or per week will aid in our personal happiness and, who knows, you might bring a smile to someone else while you are at it!

1. I have a colleague whose personal goal is to make 10 people smile each day. You can try saying hi to a stranger or invite a friend to coffee or lunch. How about getting out your phone and texting a hello to a friend to cheer up their day? This will increase your well-being and your happiness.

2. Taking a walk, dancing around the house, or going to the gym all change something in our brains that help us to be happier. This will increase your well-being and your happiness.

3. Begin a gratefulness journal. It doesn't have to be a fancy book from the fancy book store! A plain notepad will work. Keep track by writing down 2 or 3 things you are thankful for each day. This will increase your well-being and your happiness.

So we have at least 3 things that can increase your well-being and your happiness!

It can be harder for some than others to be happy. But there ARE steps we can take to make our journey a little less stressful.

Here is something I saw on fb a few days ago and thought it was full of humor, truth, and plain good advice for every day of the week!

stay hydrated
Stay hydrated #shortfitgrandma

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