Hard-Boiled Eggs with your Instant Pot

Yes, you can search YouTube or Dr. Google and find this, but none explains it so well!

I have had my Instant Pot for around 2 years.  From the day I bought it from a new Mom who didn’t want her Mother-in-Law’s gift (sad! – I even tried to convince her to keep it!), I have enjoyed the benefits of my Instant Pot.  Both my son and daughter say they have too many ‘gadgets’ but I can testify that this has saved me so many hours in the kitchen (and I love cooking).  But when you are a busy entrepreneur/Mom/Grandma/Person, sometimes it is so nice to be able to pop that roast into the Instant Pot and have dinner ready in less than an hour.  But I digress – back to the hard-boiled eggs.

My Mom loved hard-boiled eggs and my Dad loved making them for her.  She ate them plain, with spinach and vinegar (quite good actually), on toast, in salads, you name it.  She LOVED hard-boiled eggs.  And my Dad seemed to cook them perfectly.  Every. Single. Time.

But me?  Nooooo!  I would pick the shells off and have pocked eggs, or overdone, or underdone (not so bad – I do like soft boiled eggs lol).  I was a hard-boiled egg Fail!  I would watch the videos on the perfect hard-boiled egg in or out of the Instant Pot – to no avail.  I’m sure some of you are laughing because you cook the perfect egg and I am laughing with you!  But when you are a Grandmother and cannot cook a hard-boiled egg, that is a little pathetic.  I tried the Instant Pot and they didn’t come out right.  Everyone touted this 5-5-5 method.  What is that? hahaha I had no clue.  Until today.

Put 1 cup of water in the bottom of your Instant Pot;

Put in the little rack that came with it;

Add your eggs – around 10 for me;

Put on lid, making sure the vent is ‘closed’.

Press ‘EGG’ and make sure it is set for 5 minutes;

When done, wait until the L005/cooldown is at 5 minutes;

Cool or ice bath for 5 minutes.

I probably wouldn’t normally say peeling eggs was fun, but Every. Single. Egg. was Perfect!

Here is the video I watched and yes, it is elementary, but obviously I needed it! Enjoy!